How to participate in the Gallery

There are 5 simple steps to enable your participation in Gallery exhibits.

Step 1: Check the Call for Artists

Step 2: Read the Art Trail Gallery Guidelines for Artists

Step 3: Read the wording for the Hold Blameless form.

Step 4: Fill out the participation form.

Step 5: Fill out the form where you supply details for the pieces you are submitting. This helps us generate the labels automatically.

Each step is discussed below on this page. If you get to the very end of this page, you will have completed all the paperwork necessary to participate in an exhibit. If you don’t know the information on the pieces you are going to enter at the time you fill out the participation form, come back to this page at some other point in time BEFORE bringing in your pieces. Scroll to the bottom to Step 5 and complete that form at that time.

Step 1: Check the Call for Artists

Announcements of upcoming shows are posted on the Call for Artists webpage on this site, as well as on the Gallery’s two Facebook pages.

Read the announcement for whatever show you are interested in. Does your work qualify to participate? In other words, if the show is calling for the work of children and you’re an adult, you don’t get to participate.

Each show might have limitations on the size or number of pieces that can be entered. Verify that in the Call for Artists. Be aware that the rules under the Art Trail Gallery Guidelines for Artists also apply. They’re in Step 2. Read them.


Please read the following guidelines carefully, if you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Gallery or any of its advisory members.

Shows will have specific dates and times published for bringing in work, these will be arranged to allow everyone the opportunity to deliver their work.

Hanging Work:

  • Must be framed, gallery wrapped or otherwise “finished” for hanging with wire. Frames intended for photographs are not acceptable unless they have been modified to remove the attached stand and are finished with wire for hanging.
  • Labels are required – 2 per piece – one attached to the back of the work and one for hanging on the wall with the work. Each label is to include the artist’s name,  the name of the piece, medium and price. Yes, we are doing barcodes for each piece but we still need the labels for front and back in addition to the ones the Gallery will produce for hanging the work.
  • Unless otherwise stated for a specific exhibit, each artist will be allowed to hang four (4) works. Work larger than an approximate 24”x36” will be considered as two (2).
  • All work must be original. Of the four (4) pieces allowed, two (2) must be new to the gallery. You may hang work that has previously been in the Gallery but not exhibited within the last six (6) months. Three of those four pieces must be available for purchase.

3D, Jewelry, Glass, Wood, Pottery, Fiber, Etc:

  • Work will be installed by the artist with assistance from Gallery representative.
  • 3D work is allocated an area approximately the size of a card table.
  • Jewelry should be in a locked case for safety. The Gallery does have two lighted, locking cabinets that are first come, first serve. The Gallery does reserve the right to alternate the “prime” shelves with the regular jewelry exhibitors.
  • Contact Gallery representative prior to the exhibit to check availability for display needs.

General Notes

  • Art in an exhibit will remain for the duration of the exhibit unless sold. Artwork removed for any other reason cannot be brought back or replaced. If work is sold, the Gallery will offer the artist the option of replacing it.
  • Work is to be picked up on the date and times specified. The Gallery also reserves the right to consider work that is not picked up as abandoned with the option for the Gallery to sell the item(s) to entirely benefit the Gallery.
  • The Gallery Board and Exhibit Committee reserve the right to refuse work they do not feel is appropriate.
  • You must sign a “Hold Blameless” document at the time work is accepted. By signing up online in advance by the date specified for the exhibit, a Hold Blameless form will be prepared for you with your name and contact information already filled in. A copy of the wording on the Hold Blameless form is in Step 3. You must read it before you show up.
  • The Gallery collects 20% of all sales and artists are paid the following month after the show ends.  Please price your work accordingly. The Gallery is also able to accept credit cards now. The Gallery does charge sales tax.

Unless otherwise specified for a particular exhibit, there is a $20 fee for participation. The gallery is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization operating under the auspices of the Florence Downtown Development Corporation a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Your donations, time, and talent are always appreciated by the Gallery!

 Step 3: Read the wording for the HOLD BLAMELESS form

When you bring your work to the Gallery, you will need to sign a form that contains the following statements which essentially say you will hold the Gallery harmless in the event that something happens to one of your pieces.

Your homeowner’s or business insurance policy may already protect your entry. We handle work with great care, observe show attendees to prevent handling of items and provide personnel during the show. We cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event that a piece is damaged or lost and cannot accept financial responsibility for anything that may happen to the property of entrants. We ask all entrants to sign the following statement, to acknowledge their recognition and assumption of risk.

By signing this statement as one of the exhibit forms, I agree to release FDDC, the Art Trail Gallery, and their respective agents, employees, members, and volunteers from all liability for any loss, damage, theft, injury, destruction to any article entered by me  at the Art Trail Gallery in Florence, SC.  I understand and assume the risk of all uninsured property, and that it is up to me to properly insure my property against any and all risks I choose.

NOTE: For shows where young people may enter, if 17 or under, a parent or legal guardian must ALSO sign this form so bring them with you when you come with your work.

Step 4: Fill out the online Participation Form



Step 5: Give us the details about the works you are submitting. You must complete this form for EACH piece you intend to submit. Once you’ve completed this step, you are all done with the paperwork. Just remember to show up at the Gallery with your work at the stated times noted in the Call for Artists.

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