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Eagle Monument

The top image shows the bronze eagle sitting on top of the granite pillars visible in the bottom picture. The monument was designed by Alex Palkovich and is located in the Florence Veterans Park, Florence, SC.

The Art Trail Gallery is an all-volunteer gallery space in Downtown Florence. The Art Trail Gallery Director is Mr. David Hobbs.

Hours of Operation


The Art Trail Gallery is now on hiatus until the new permanent location at 142 North Dargan Street has been renovated. We expect that to be Fall, 2016.

Admission will be free. The Gallery will be available for rent.

The Gallery features the work of local artists throughout the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. Works are available for sale unless noted otherwise.

The Art Trail Gallery is also home to the studio of national award winning sculptor, Alex Palkovich.

It should be mentioned that the Art Trail Gallery would not be possible without the interest and support of its many daily visitors and the Florence Downtown Development Corporation, the sponsors of the Gallery.  The Art Trail Gallery officially opened its doors with December 9th, 2008. Since that time, approximately 600 artists from all over have exhibited in the Gallery. Visitors have numbered in the thousands thanks to the many large public events held at the Gallery that have managed to bring all aspects of the regional community together under one roof multiple times. Until November, 2012, its home was the old Waters Building, also known as the Kimbrell’s Building at 135 S. Dargan Street in Florence. As of November, the Art Trail Gallery is in its  new home in an equally large building at 185 West Evans in what was formerly known as the Bo Smith Building. Free parking is available behind the building, in front, and to the side on Irby Street.

2009 Main Street South Carolina Inspiration Award

Each year, the Municipal Association of South Carolina in conjunction with the  National Trust for Historic Preservation recognizes the efforts of individuals in various categories.  On Saturday, August 8th, the Downtown Service Award in South Carolina went to Alex Palkovich and Jane Madden. It also belongs to all of you.

Without the support of the Florence Downtown Development Corporation, the City of Florence, our invaluable volunteers, the visitors who continue to come and express their interest and enthusiasm, and the press who have highlighted these efforts, there would be no building, no curators, and no visitors to bring attention to the project. Most importantly, the  Art Trail Gallery would not exist without the generosity of the artists throughout the region who have shared their works.  The award also would not have been possible without the strong leadership in the arts that is part of the history of the Pee Dee. These visionary, hard-working individuals and organizations established the foundation upon which the success of this project is built.

Thank you all.

For an extract of the award presentation, click here for the video.



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