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We congratulate the following photographers who were juried into the Photofabulous 2015 exhibit:

Title Artist
“Keys to the Past” Anne Baldwin
“Beyond Shabby Chic” Anne Baldwin
“Gateway” Michayla Baskin
“Family Plot” Lee Benoy
“Chapel of Ease – St. Helena” Lee Benoy
“Alone” Lee Benoy
“Coker Seed” Lee Benoy
“Running Free” Kendall Berry
“Rainbow by the Water” Kendall Berry
“Pink Flowers” Kendall Berry
“Reflections” Marion Berry
“Florence at Sunset” Patricia Burkett
“The Waiting” Patricia Burkett
“Stolen Moments” Patricia Burkett
“Half Dome” Tari Federer
“Yosemite Valley” Tari Federer
“Appalachian Sunrise” Tari Federer
“Maze” James Fernandes
“Windows” James Fernandes
“Sunken Ship” James Fernandes
“Coming Down” James Fernandes
“1/4 Inch Wonder/Anemone Shrimp” Bryan Fisher
“Desert Rose” Symon Gibson
“Mountain Goat” Fran Gray
“Nanaimo Bay” Fran Gray
“Cheshire Hounds” Susan Griggs
“Hunting Hands” Susan Griggs
“Maine Tidals” Susan Griggs
“Hard Days Work” Susan Griggs
“Star Gazer Lily” Rachell Hyman
“First Bloom” Janet Leonard
“Backyard Beauty” Janet Leonard


Title Artist
“Here’s Looking at You” Rae Anne MalvaGomes
“In Sorrento” Laura McFadden
“Vignette” Laura McFadden
“Is It a Harley?” Suzanne Muldrow
“F Minor Arpeggios with Violin” Suzanne Muldrow
“Woodland Beauty” Suzanne Muldrow
“Remnants of Spring” Suzanne Muldrow
“In the Bleak Midwinter” Ferebe Gasque Pearce
“The Bird King” Ferebe Gasque Pearce
“Boat” Ivana Reay-Jones
“No” Jo Robbins
“Running on Empty” Jo Robbins
“Changing of the Guard” Jo Robbins
“Afternoon Nap” Jo Robbins
“Alavon #14″ Aubree Ross
“Alavon #42″ Aubree Ross
“Phyllis Quiller” Margaret vB Smith
“On the Prowl” Margaret vB Smith
“Door” Leah Stallings
“Chestnut-Breasted Coronet” Jeff Steinmetz
“Brown Violetear Tongue” Jeff Steinmetz
“San Francisco Marina” Molly Symons
“Shadow Play” Francie Thomas
“Mrs. Rothell’s Shells” Natalie Todd
“Molting Cicada” Natalie Todd
“Emerging Imago” Natalie Todd
“Imago” Natalie Todd
“Daufuskie Treasure” Haley Wightman
“For I Know You Hear Me” Mary Anne Worrell
“Captain James” Mary Anne Worrell
“Tennessee Falls” LaRue Yarbrough
“Rest Area” LaRue Yarbrough

Evening Knitting Class!

Join Kathryn and Elaine for a new, evening knitting class on Tuesday, January 13th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Art Trail Gallery. You need to register with Kathryn or Elaine. Contact: 843-245-0008 (Elaine Cain) or Kathryn Cain (843-245-7965)

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